R.Y.R. Community Liaison Consultants Limited is a family run business, founded in 2013 by Monica Stonham who has 25 years’ experience in Communications, Liaison and Environmental Administration. Monica and her team are based in East Anglia as a Communication & Engagement Specialist along with a team of Public Liaison Officers which provides a professional stakeholder liaison and community engagement service by building and maintaining excellent relationships with stakeholders, project partners, businesses, residents, local and wider community.

Monica Stonham – Communications and Engagement Specialist 


Monica has worked with various organisations, including the Environment Agency, Interserve Ltd, Team Van Oord, Kier Construction and Jackson Civil Engineering as a Public Liaison and Community Engagement Specialist. 

Monica is currently working in partnership with the Environment Agency on the Lincolnshire Beach Management Scheme and the Saltfleet to Gibraltar Point Strategy and Nene Lock Reversal Mitigation Scheme taking the lead on all stakeholder engagement, public liaison, gaining trust and cooperation through transparency and a diverse range of communication skills.

Monica is a self-motivated and enthusiastic person who enjoys working closely with the public in challenging, changing environments. She has extensive customer service expertise from both a ‘hands on’ and training perspective. Monica is an experienced liaison officer with a proven track record of problem-solving and customer care within the civil engineering, construction and housing sectors. Flexible and approachable, Monica uses clarity and common sense to evaluate situations and provide solutions that benefit all parties. Monica relishes  public and client facing roles in which she acts as an effective communicator between parties. She is passionate, professional and committed to supporting and resolving issues for any community she works with. Client objectives are achieved through robust communications plans that clearly set out objectives, identifying risks, gaining trust by building and maintaining good relationships, and understanding local knowledge, issues, education and promotion.

Key Skills
  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of client priorities and public concerns during projects. 
  • Excellent people skills, leading public-sensitive teams operating in the heart of busy communities. 
  • Drives teams to deliver beyond client expectations to mitigate the impact on affected stakeholders. 
  • Regularly reports detailed progress to the client and local stakeholders to assure public confidence. 
  • Time Management: prioritising responsibilities, appointments and engagement activities. 
  • Communication skills: engaging creatively, effectively and appropriately both verbally and in writing to inform, instruct, influence and reassure all stakeholders impacted by construction activities. 
  • Initiative: a proven ability to think and act appropriately and autonomously without being directed.